La imagen del día

La imagen del día
Jack w/ Conan O'Brien performing: "20 flight rock" - november 8th 2010
El Jueves 19 aparecio esta noticia:
Rockers JACK WHITE and ALISON MOSSHART had a furious bust-up during a drunken night out in New York, according to a U.K. report.The Kills guitarist, who plays in White's supergroup The Dead Weather, was enjoying a boozy evening out in the Big Apple with the White Stripes frontman recently when the mood turned sour. A source tells Britain's The Sun newspaper, "Jack and Alison went on a ammoth all-day session when they met up in New York. They sunk a lot of alcohol and ended up at each others' throats." But the stars immediately regretted the fight - and vowed ever to repeat the incident. The insider adds, "It was a one-off scrap and they both feel really ashamed. But they are over it now and have promised each other they don't get into that state again.

Pero hoy Alisson desmintió este rumor:

Rocker ALISON MOSSHART is disgusted by "grotesque" rumours she and her new bandmate JACK WHITE came to blows in a furious fistfight during a recent night out. In a report in its Tuesday (19May09) edition, British newspaper The Sun claimed Mosshart had exchanged punches with the White Stripes frontman, who she is collaborating with in The Dead Weather, during a drunken bust-up in New York City. But Mosshart has moved quickly to dismiss speculation of a violent conflict with White. In a new statement she says, "I don't usually bother responding to ridiculous fabricated tabloid rumours, but this one is particularly grotesque. The stories circulating from a U.K. tabloid of a 'fist fight', or Jack punching me, or the two of us being at each others throats' are untrue." And the star has reassured fans she still plans to hit the road with White this summer (09): "I'm just wrapping up a tour with The Kills and then I'll be back with The Dead Weather for the release of the album and a tour.
"It's a really great group of people to work with and I can't wait for everyone to hear the album." The Dead Weather will kick off their North American tour in Louisville, Kentucky on 11 June (09).

Podremos estar tranquilos porque hay tdw para rato :)

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