La imagen del día

La imagen del día
Jack w/ Conan O'Brien performing: "20 flight rock" - november 8th 2010

The Dead Weather: Horehound


Release Date : Jun 08 2009


Label:Third Man Records

CD album
£9.99 Jack White's new side project featuring The Kills' Alison Mosshart, Jack Lawrence of White's 'other' band The Raconteurs and Dean Fertita of Queens Of The Stone Age.


1. 60 Feet Tall (Mosshart/Fertita)
2. Hang You from the Heavens (Mosshart/Fertita)
3. I Cut Like a Buffalo (White)
4. So Far from Your Weapon (Mosshart)
5. Treat Me Like Your Mother (Mosshart/White/Fertita/Lawrence)
6. Rocking Horse (Mosshart/White)
7. New Pony (Dylan)
8. Bone House (Mosshart/White/Fertita/Lawrence)
9. Three Birds (Mosshart/White/Fertita/Lawrence)
10. No Hassle Night (Mosshart/White)
11. Will There Be Enough Water? (White/Fertita)

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No puedo esperar a escucharlo, Hang You from the Heavens es una cancion muy buena (Y) :)

The Dead Weather - Are Friends Electric? : Video (Youtube)


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