La imagen del día

La imagen del día
Jack w/ Conan O'Brien performing: "20 flight rock" - november 8th 2010
22 junio 2008

NERD quiere trabajar con Jack White

Todos quieren trabajar con Jack xD
pero la pregunta es, Jack querra trabajar con ellos?
aunque NERD me parece que son buenos productores, he escuchado un par de canciones y si son pasables :)

Pharrell Williams wants to work with The Strokes.

The producer and NERD star has previously collaborated with the band's frontman Julian Casablancas and is desperate to team up with the US rockers again.

Pharrell said: "Julian Casablancas and I collaborated on a track for Converse with Santogold, so I'm talking to him about The Strokes' next record.

"I want it bad. I really want to do the next album. I don't know if Julian wants me but I'd love to."

Pharrell also revealed has been working with Fall Out Boy "on a few tracks" and is discussing a collaboration with Good Charlotte.

He added: "I've been talking to Joel Madden from Good Charlotte. There's a bunch of stuff that we've done and we're set to do."

Pharrell's NERD bandmate, Shay Haley also has his sights set on another rock collaboration.

He said: "I wouldn't mind NERD teaming up with Jack White, I think that would be pretty dope. He's a dope musician and a cool writer - I think a NERD and Jack White collaboration could be pretty mean."

NERD's latest album, 'Seeing Sounds' was released on June 10.

The Strokes tb es otro de mis favoritos.. se ve que Pharrell tiene buenos gustos jeje.....

estoy en examenes finales.. asi que a estudiar..

saludos III -

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